Thierry Boccon-Gibod

March 1993 – This day

Freelance Photographer working on feature stories and adventures such as Steve Fossett’s and Richard Branson’s life and exploits, who choosed me as their friend photographer.
Assignments for Paris Match,VSD,GEO,National Geographic,Hello, Bunte, Figaro Magazine etc..
Orchestre de Paris corporate photographer

June 1987 – March 1993

Staff photographer at Sipa Press photo agency covering International News and features stories (1st Gulf war, French Navy exclusive features, French Nobel prize exclusive stories, French singer Michel Berger personal photographer)

In charge of Sipa Press team on the ground during : Bucharest Rumanian revolution , 1st Gulf  war, Olympic Games in Moscow and Albertville

1986 – March 1987

Joined Keystone photo agency in Paris on request of  AFP’s Management with a group of friends (Reza, Laski, Manoocher)

June 1984 – 1985

Recruited by Howard Chapnick from Blackstar NY to create an office in Paris with : Jim Nachtwey, Tony Suau, Reza, Setboun, Laski, Manoocher
Working on News stories and ambitious features

End of 1974 – june 1984

Joined Sipa Press as a staff photographer to cover News stories on assignment for : Newsweek, Time, Paris Match, Bunte, Oggi, Stern, etc..
Became official Vatican Press photographer for the Pope’s foreign trips, as well as member of  French Presidential Press
Covering Royal Family in UK, Feature stories in Eastern Block and Asia. Covered the fall of Dictator Franco in Spain, the coronation of Bokassa in Central Africa, Carlos OPEC ministers’ hijack in Vienna, Crisis in Poland with Walesa, USSR invasion of Afghanistan, Lebanon crisis in 1982